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What Are the Deadliest Items in Your House?

St. Louis Personal Injury Law Firm

There is a reason the phrase “home sweet home” is so popular. Most people think of their house as a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world. When you’re home, you are protected from everyday hazards like car accidents or slips and falls in a grocery store.

St. Louis personal injury lawyers know that accidents can happen anywhere, including your home. Here are just a few household dangers that may lurk in your house. Read More

What Are the Important Elements of a Product Liability Case?

Product Liability Case

Think about all the different products you use every single day. From washing your hair to making your coffee to what you grab out of the freezer for dinner. We go through our daily lives without giving the products we rely on each day much of a thought, until an injury or illness happens…

Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons why a product can end up leaving a victim with serious injuries. If the manufacturer or designer is responsible for the injuries sustained, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit under a defective product claim. Read More

I Was Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident. Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim?

Slip and Fall Accident

The mental image of a slip and fall accident that comes to mind is probably a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel. But slip and fall accidents are nothing to joke about.

In fact, slip and fall accidents lead to 9 million emergency room visits annually, and are one of the leading causes of unintentional deaths across the United States. Check out the CDC website here to learn more statistics on slip and fall accidents. Read More

The Most Pervasive Problems Following a Car Accident

Car Accident

Unfortunately, car accidents are a daily occurrence. If you find yourself seriously injured after a car accident, then you’ll soon realize that your misfortune does not end with reporting the accident to the police.

Many people do not understand the complexity of moving forward with a car accident claim, either with their insurance company or with the personal injury claim process on their own. In fact, most people will end up making mistakes or complicating the process. Read More

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Mr. Phillips represented my wife in a worker comp case where her neck was injured. We initially tried to fight the workers comp insurance group on our own and was given inconsistent answers and incorrect diagnosis of her injury. The doctors became apathetic and eventually released her stating a muscular injury. At that point we consulted with Joe and followed his directions. We later learned she had 2 injured cervical disks and required surgery. Joe walked us through the process and explained the challenges we had to face. We especially appreciated his in depth knowledge and care he gave us through the entire case. Joe's experience let us know what we needed to expect, and how our case would materialize. Needless to say close to trial date the insurance company made a fair and just settlement. We can never thank Joe enough for doing what he did for Tammy. His care and interest in our situation was invaluable. Thanks again!!

December 9, 2015

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